Project Workshop within EU-Russia Modernization Partnership

in co-operation with the Goverment of Novosibirsk Region

5-6 October 2011, Industrial Park in Novisibirsk Academgorodok.

Format: kick-off messages and discussion.

Audience: list of participants available upon request (email:


Programme overview

5 October


19.30 : 21.00

Welcome cocktail hosted by the IRT

6 October  

9.30 : 10.30

Presentations of promising projects of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science:

10.30 : 16.30

Workshop "Towards an EU-Russia Common Technology Market". Moderator of the event - Yuri Udaltsov (Rusnano).


Key messages:  

  • Vasily Yurchenko (Government of the Novosibirsk Region) - ppp (rus)
  • Ksenia Datsko (EU-Russia Industrialists' Round Table)
  • Pavel Savitsky (Mannheimer Swartling) - ppp (rus)
  • Martin Gitsels (Siemens Russia) - ppp
  • Anton Yanovsky (Russian Network for Technology Transfer) - ppp (rus)
  • Marat Kapelyushnik (Astelion) - ppp
  • Mikhail Losev (Medicobiologic Union) - ppp
  • Alexey Ershov (Ledas) - ppp
  • Vyacheslav Ananyev (Data East)
  • Dmitry Verhovod (Industrial Park in Novosibirsk Academgorodok)
  • Alexander Losyukov (Rusnano)
  • Vasily Nomokonov (Sibur)
  • Nikolay Silin (SME Bank)
  • Vladimir Remnyov (Insitute of Catalysis)
  • Andrey Bryzgalov (Uniscan)
19.00 : 21.00 Dinner on behalf of the Governor of the Novosibirsk Region



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